Eerste 3D virtuele beelden van het sociaal windpark zijn online te bekijken

Signed cooperation agreement

On Friday November 3rd 2017, Energiekontor NL signed a cooperation agreement with ZummerePower, a cooperative of Someren, Noord Brabant.

Together with ZummerePower, Energiekontor develops a so called “social wind farm” with 6 to 8 turbines. This wind farm is called social because:

  • It will annually pay a fixed share of its income into a local community fund led by the Cooperative. The means of the fund will be used to co-support local renewable and social projects that lack sufficient funding
  • On behalf of the community, the Cooperative will be offered co-ownership of the wind farm, offering a share of the income to the community.

People living close to the site will benefit from it by receiving an annual contribution from the wind farm. When working this way, Energiekontor tries to find a balance between community sponsoring on the one hand and harvesting energy from the wind on the other.